The impact of the food we eat on our overall well-being is very strong. It is important for us as a community to come together and figure out strategies to unlock the power of food to work in our favor.

In this video, Dr Julia Olayanju shares her personal story on how her perspective changed from focusing on the only the pleasure food brings to understanding the health benefits locked in food. 

In this video she shares how we can change the undesirable trajectory we are observing around us today. 

0:00 – Introduction 

1:10 – The food connection 

2:39 – How my perspective changed 

3:10 – Effect of our food choices on health

 3:48 – Cost of poor food choices 

4:19 – How can we change things and unlock the power of food to work for us 

4:52 – Importance of education to dietary choices and health 

6:50 – We all have a role to play 

7:04 – Change for the future we desire will take time, consistency is key

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