Dr. Julia Olayanju developed an interest in learning different ways to help people live healthier and stronger lives from a very young age. Her curiosity and passion led her to scientific research. After two undergraduate degrees in Agriculture and Genetics, a Masters degree in Molecular Biology, she decided to pursue a doctoral education. During her doctoral training at Rutgers University, she had the opportunity to engage in research focused on understanding the anticancer properties of a compound found in cruciferous vegetables (isothiocyantes).

She strongly believes that people can be empowered to create healthier and stronger lives through nutrition education. She is an advocate for early nutrition education in public schools. She is also of the opinion that innovating a healthier and sustainable future of food is not a challenge for an individual or an organization to tackle but a collective effort.

She is the founder and CEO at FoodNiche Inc. a company that leverages thought leadership and strategic partnership to drive innovation towards a healthier food supply. The company which was founded in 2015 grew to a community of over 40,000 food enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators before launching its event series.

FoodNiche Inc. promotes innovation in the Food Industry and is behind nationally recognized Disrupt Food Summit, Food Health and Technology Summit (now Global Food Health Innovation Summit) along with other community initiatives. These national conferences bring leading scientists, food industry executives, food innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers together to facilitate learning and collaboration. Also, providing opportunities for thought-provoking conversation on shaping a healthier & sustainable food supply.

In late 2019 Dr. Olayanju founded a technology company Grubeasy Interactive Labs (GEIL). The goal with GEIL is to leverage sophisticated technology to educate and also make it easier for people to make healthier dining choices

She enjoys writing, contributing regularly on Forbes and on other authority platforms. She is happily married, lives in NJ with her husband and their two boys.