Believe in yourself sticky notes

“If you believe you can or you believe you can’t you are right- Henry Ford


I worked for  a very distinguished and successful scientist several years ago.

I still remember the first day I interviewed with him, the interview went very well.

After we were done, he said “I will really like to hire you but I am a little worried that a major grant that I am working on may be declined”.

I have successfully renewed this grant every four years for the past 20 years but I think I will not make it this time. I think my application will be declined and I will have to reapply the following year”.

 I have heard  how accomplished this person is and working with him will simply be a dream come true. So, I asked, what will happen if this deal was unsuccessful, will you have to shut down your laboratory?” 

He laughed, and said no.

He explained that he had the resources to keep things running for a few more years but he will have to cut back on hiring.

I was slightly concerned, so I discussed with a mentor who also knew this person very well. My mentor explained to me how exceptional this person is and how close to impossible it was for his grant not to be approved. She encouraged me to work with him, since I still had funding that covered me for two years, I really didn’t have much to worry about now. She said even if he was not successful in his financial pursuits I will have had some of the best training opportunities  of my professional career. So I did

 The interesting thing to me was that things played out almost exactly like my boss predicted. The grant application he referred to was not successful, he reapplied the following year and that was unsuccessful as well.

Over a two year period after the interview discussion, I watched everything play out exactly as he described.

Then it dawned on me how powerful the words we speak and believe is.

The word we speak is powerful and shapes our outcomes.

It is important to pay attention to what we are saying because if you say it long enough, you will start believing it and eventually experience it.

It does not matter how accomplished you are or how successful you have been , you can change the course of your life positively or negatively by changing what you believe

Every single one of us have in us an unstoppable force to create the life we want the future we desire . 

What do you believe about your life, health or your goals.

You can easily know what you or the people in your life believe by listening to the words that comes out of their mouths.

Remember if you do not want to experience it don’t say it.


Quick question: How have you see the power of words shape your outcomes? Share with me in the comment below.

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