Julia Olayanju Speaking At Food Summit

With more than 50% of adults in America struggling with preventable chronic diseases that are related to poor eating patterns and physical inactivity. More than ever before there is a need for food industry leaders to keep up with scientific findings  and apply this knowledge in creating products people consume.

After spending several years studying the molecular basis of specific diseases and exploring how compounds in food interact with body processes to find cure, Dr. Olayanju understands the importance of food to overall well-being. She believes innovating a healthier and sustainable future of food is a collective effort.

She is the founder and CEO at FoodNiche Inc. a company that leverages thought leadership and strategic partnership to drive innovation towards a healthier food supply. The company which was founded in 2015 grew to an online community of over 40,000 food enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators before launching its event series.

FoodNiche Inc. promotes innovation in the Food Industry and is behind nationally recognized Disrupt Food Summit & Food Health and Technology Summit. National conferences bringing food industry executives, food innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers together to facilitate learning and collaboration for a better food system.

Julia Olayanju is also the Founder and CIO at Grubeasy Interactive Labs. A company which leverages sophisticated technology to educate and empower people to live healthier and stronger lives through nutrition.